The Go Fund Your Life Pledge

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

This pledge was created in direct response to "The Road to Zero Wealth by Prosperity Now, and The Institute for Policy Studies. I believe we have the opportunity to make a change if we take control of our personal financial planning. You may download the 2017 study by clicking on the graphic at the bottom of this page.

Go Fund Your Life Pledge

The Predictions of 2053 will not come to be because of me!

I will do my part and today will be a new start.

My financial future will be the top priority.

I will conquer the battle of wants versus needs.

I will Identify my financial shortfalls, and actively seek the professional help I need. I will make plans to fund my financial safety net for when life deals me a hand that is not the best.

I will plan. I will Save. I will Invest.

I will l protect and preserve my assets to pass on an inheritance.

My financial resources will become the seed for a legacy of future dreams.

Because of me, African Americans will have wealth by the year 2053.

I will Go Fund My Life!