Term Vs. Whole Life Insurance

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Life insurance is a tax free love letter, and I am not sold that Term or whole life is the only answer.

We have varying lifestyles, cultures, and risks that should dictate the type you purchase. We advocate that you work with an Agent who has diverse options to match a diverse lifestyle. Check out this article below to learn more:

Whole life is a Scam...But Term Isn't Your Best Option Either

Life insurance is a topic that many people choose not to talk about. It could be because people don’t see the importance of it, they’re uneducated about the subject, or they cringe at the thought of any conversation that deals with them no longer being alive. Whatever the reason may be, life insurance has been a topic that is unappealing at the least (depressing at its worst). However, life insurance is one of the most important areas for anyone that cares about their future, or the future well-being of their loved ones. There are so many benefits to life insurance, which most people don’t know, other than a small amount of income to take care of one’s burial. When it comes to life insurance, people have been living with incorrect information for quite some time now, and because of that, the people that suffer the most are the undeserved, under-educated families.

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