Can you believe this is a $250.00 PB&J?

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

If it were the whole thing it would be worth $500.00. No, it is not made with a fantastic new organic jelly with gold flakes. The peanuts were not sourced from ancient farms then pulverized by diamond encrusted grinders, (that would be interesting). This is simply my lunch on a Wednesday, yet symbolic of so much more. Studies show that Americans spend on Average $10.00 per day on lunch, 5 days per week, 50 weeks a year, (2 weeks vacation considered). If you are part of the average lunch bunch, one PB&J per week could be worth $500.00 saved each year!!!! Money management is showing your funds who is the boss!!! Where could you redirect $500.00 a year? Is your savings account crying from neglect? Your debt busting at the seams? Your retirement looking far more distant than you imagined? We teach these simple boss money moves with our financial literacy program at Go Fund Your Life. We have a full curriculum to serve age 5 to 85. With a special focus on youth age 12 to 24. Contact us today at and check out this link to read more about American spending and food habits.