Are You Ready to Fund Your Life?

Life Insurance

We offer customized solutions to life insurance.

Our product offerings include Term, Whole Life, Guaranteed issue, and Universal life

We believe each family and business is unique and deserves a solution that best fits your needs.

We will customize a plan to fund your business, family, inheritance, or burial needs.   Because we have relationships with multiple A Rated companies we will provide you with the best and most cost effective solution.

Retirement Planning

Our trusted advisors are trained and well versed in retirement planning.  We will assess your current savings strategy and offer recommendations on how to maximize your retirement nest egg.  We specialize offering solutions that provide a life time income stream, so you will not run out of money in retirement.  No matter where you are in your retirement plan, we can help.  It’s never too late to start, and our consultations are fee free.

Financial Education

We believe that financial literacy is the single most important thing when it comes to personal finance. 

We employ nationally certified financial educators to offer low or no cost workshops to the community.

Our workshops include a printed curriculum, and web-based quizzes, and tutorials for multiple learning styles.  We can offer one on one coaching but prefer to work in a class room setting with your church, non-profit or small business. 

Some of Our Life Insurance and Annuity Partners
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